THE TL;DR Version

    • The Work: Pass PR has a dozen different strategic communication training modules that empower participants to be better with research, strategy, tactics, and measurement.
    • The Value: The online and 1-1 work expedites talent training and increases diversity by eliminating common barriers to entry. 
    • The Difference: Our certificate model offers a layered assessment that ensures participants finish with portfolio-ready content and employers leave with a tangible return on the investment. 

Here’s a partial list of Pass PR course offerings. We can also customize a learning module to meet your specific needs. Contact Dan for a complete course overview with learning objectives, assignments, and timelines.

Writing For Public Relations & Marketing:

    • Active Voice
    • Streamlining Word Count
    • Integrating Messaging Into Content

Media Relations:

    • Building The List
    • Making The Pitch
    • Amplifying Content 

PR Planning: 

    • Strategy Ideas 
    • B2B and B2C PESO Model
    • Measuring Success 

Crisis Communication:

    • Making The Plan
    • Delivering In Stressful Moments
    • Measuring Success 

Account Planning & Service:

    • 5 Dysfunctions Of a Team How & Addressing Issues Without Judgment
    • Overcoming Common Client & Team Barriers 
    • The Power Of Paper Trail

Teaching Creativity:

    • Why you can teach creativity
    • Setting up a culture
    • Cheap hacks
    • Develop a custom structure

Virtual Improv Training:

    • What makes great improv
    • The power of affirmation
    • Practice game and takeawa
    • The power of listening
    • Practice game and takeaway
    • The power of voice
    • Practice game and takeaway 

Better Virtual Collaboration And Meetings: 

    • How the brain works and why virtual meetings are so hard
    • Managing the agenda and expectations 
    • Whole brain learning and how meeting applications
    • Practical applications and practice