Dan Farkas PR Training Photo.

Strategic Communication and PR Training 

Customized For You and the Those You Serve

How do you grow your team’s ability to communicate? Employers ask this question all the time. How does young talent get experience without having experience? It’s a question young professionals ask all the time.

Pass PR has the answer

    • Pass PR offers custom course content that combines the best practices in online and in person learning.
    • Participants  have multiple layers of assessment to prove they know the course material.
    • Participants work on real projects to display applied learning.

Working on passion projects helps employers see immediate ROI in their investment.

Working on passion projects boost participant skill and morale.

Today’s communicators need a bridge between theory and practice so they can hit the ground running. 

The Pass PR plan is that bridge. See Pass PR’s custom communication training or schedule a meeting to discuss a custom curriculum for your team.

Dan Farkas Communication Training Photo.